At-Home TOEFL: Part 4 – So NABP won’t accept At Home TOEFL…

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The majority of students who study in lessons with me are pharmacists. Today (March 23, 2020), I heard from a few different pharmacists that NABP announced the following:

NABP does not accept the “at-home” version of TOEFL iBT.

Ok. So… What do you do? More importantly, how do you get the best results during the COVID-19 crisis?

This is the recommendation that I’m making to all of my pharmacist students:

Step 1: Keep studying until you’re at the level to get your scores.

Depending on what your TOEFL iBT scores are right now, there are a lot of things that are valuable for you to practice.

If you don’t know what you should be studying to see a difference in your Speaking or Writing scores, then we need to do a Score Analysis. You get this and lots of other feedback from me when you become my student by joining either “The Friendly Introduction” or “The 12 Topics” or taking private lessons with me.

Step 2: Coordinate with me about when to schedule the test.

When a pharmacist studies or takes private lessons with me, I always recommend a specific time to them when it’s worth it to take the TOEFL iBT test.

I can’t remember ever saying, “Choose whatever date you want. Do whatever you want.”

You hired me for help, after all! If you’re one of my pharmacist students, don’t make this choice alone! Send me an email.

IF you improve to the level where I’m saying you’re ready to expect Speaking scores of 26+ and Writing scores of 24+ AND we are all still stuck at home for COVID-19, THEN you and I will make a plan to get through this situation.

Some of my students are at this point right now. They are taking the at-home test, and even though NABP will not accept those results, they and I will still get valuable information about your level. Later, when the test centers open again, they will be that one step closer to getting the scores they need.

Follow the plan that improves YOUR weaknesses.

So… Are you studying with me? Did I recently tell you, “You’re at the level to get Speaking 26 (or Writing 24)”?

If the answer is no, then you should just keep studying and practicing like you would on any other day!

What homework activities am I waiting for from you? What skills did I tell you are important to be building?

Do you need YOUR plan?

And if you would like to become one of my students so that you get a good study plan (and so I’m tracking you)… Check out my online services for TOEFL iBT. They are tailored to how to improve your English to the level where Speaking 26 is a predictable result.

The Friendly Introduction to TOEFL iBT
The 12 Topics to Finish With TOEFL iBT