Can I pass the TOEFL iBT?

Jaime Miller First-Time Test Takers, TOEFL: Advice for Studying 0 Comments

Welcome to video number six. Lots of students tell me, “Jaime, I want to pass TOEFL. Can I pass TOEFL?” Well, when they ask me this question, I realize that there’s something very important about the exam that my student doesn’t really understand.

So, I want you to understand this: You can’t pass and you can’t fail TOEFL. It’s just not possible. There are 120 points maximum on the TOEFL exam, but there’s no failing score, so there’s no passing score, either. Different colleges and universities set their own standards and have different requirements. So, for example, maybe you want to go to a physics program, you might need a score of only 61 points. But, if you want to go to a school where there’s lots of reading and lots of small group discussions and interaction with professors, you might need a score of 90. Some of the most selective, prestigious colleges in America require a score of 100 or more.

So, before you ask, “Can I pass TOEFL?!,” you really should visit the websites for your dream schools. Find out what their requirements for TOEFL are. Decide on a goal, or target score, and then work towards that. Having a target score keeps you motivated and working hard. And when you start early, work hard, and practice with a good teacher, then yes, you can get the score you want.

So, thank you for watching video number six! I’ll see you in video number seven!