5 Questions to Ask BEFORE Joining a TOEFL Class

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I’m Jaime Miller, the owner of English Success Academy. I’ve been teaching online TOEFL iBT lessons and classes since 2010. A lot of students ask, “How much are lessons?” but other questions are equally — if not more —  important. Why? Because after you actually get the Speaking 26 that you need, your life and your career will change. Your …

Why won’t “cramming” for Speaking 26 work?

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Even if you’re a super smart in your area of expertise (nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, etc.), you may feel like you’re failing for the first time in your life with TOEFL iBT. The way you studied in university got you results in your industry — but it isn’t getting you results for TOEFL. If you’re ready for a study schedule …

From 177 Mistakes to 77 to 20 to Speaking 27

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Since I originally posted this in September, I have waited for three and a half months to find out WHEN my student would finally get her minimum Speaking score of 27. Today, today her chapter of TOEFL ends… and her “real life” is starting. If you must score 26/30 on TOEFL iBT Speaking, then I hope you will read the …

TOEFL Speaking Challenge

Insane TOEFL Speaking Challenge

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We know what kind of speaking responses TOEFL graders love and what phrases limit your score to 23-24. You won’t get a TOEFL speaking score of 26+ if you say things like, “My favorite sport is tennis for two main reasons. The first reason is that tennis is exciting. The second main reason is that tennis is healthy. So for …

TOEFL Speaking Notes

How to Hold Your Notes on the TOEFL Speaking Section

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The speaking section of the TOEFL iBT is the most fast-paced section of the whole exam. Depending on the task, you have only 15-30 seconds to prepare your response and then 45-60 seconds to deliver it. To receive a high TOEFL speaking score, you have to organize your responses effectively and finish them on time. However, when you’re looking from …