The Bridge Package

Be recognized as a certified ESL Exam Prep Coach,

How It Works


Students are directly referred to you or they see your name on ESA’s webpage in the list of certified teachers. After your name, there is a link which says:

Click to learn more about her.
Click to learn more about him.


Students are redirected to your Bridge page. Jane’s page is an example:



Students click the big green button at the bottom of your Bridge page to get in touch with you and learn more.

Details about Your Bridge Page

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    Get a Personalized URL

    If the ESA enrollment director refers you to a student, the student will be prompted to learn more about you by visiting your URL will be

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    Create A Confident Video Bio

    First, get our feedback on any questions you have about your camera composition, height, lighting, microphone quality and clothing choice. Then, we’ll help you with the script and what to say. Record yourself. Send it to us. We want you to show your most professional digital side, so we may suggest some edits or tweaks and ask you to rerecord it. Finally, we’ll upload it to our YouTube channel.

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    Highlight Your Skills

    Your teaching background and life experience makes you unique. We’ll work with you to make sure the text of your page will be customized but will still retain the important details that build rapport and trust.

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    Feature Testimonials

    The best way to get trust from potential students is to share stories of how you helped similar students. It’s normal for teachers who are just starting in exam prep NOT to have TOEFL iBT-related success stories. We know how to deal with that so we’ll work with wherever you’re starting.

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    Provide a Next Step

    The green button at the bottom of the page can go to any URL of your choice. We recommend a booking form, course information or a new welcome page you build just for visitors coming from ESA. Alternatively, if you have us handling your entire enrollment process, it will redirect to a lesson application page.

Benefits of the Bridge Page

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    Positive student experience

    When a visitor arrives on any new website, they have to get used to the organization, layout and design before they start navigating. This is even more true with second language learners. By introducing you on ESA’s website, without any significant changes in design or navigation experience, we don’t break student’s concentration. We allow them to immerse themselves in the experience of getting to know you.

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    Accelerating Trust

    Since 2011, Jaime Miller has focused a lot on understanding the mindset of students who are willing to pay for online lessons. She has had countless conversations with students about why they choose to trust ESA teachers with their future. We know students respond very positively to the page design that we use.

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    A high-quality backlink

    You get a backlink to your website from ESA, which is an established website that ranks well in search results. That helps your own SEO.

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    Website analytics

    We’ll be using Google Analytics to monitor your page.

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    Our Seal of Approval

    The ESA team will work with you to make sure that everything about your Bridge Page showcases you and your talents in the best light. We’ll make recommendations about the script for your video, the qualifications you list and the way you describe yourself, as well as the best way to feature your existing student testimonials.

Cost of the Bridge Package

Rates may change in the future.

Initial Set Up and Advice on Phrasing:

$150 USD
* This also includes the first year of hosting and maintenance for free.
** If you do our Level 2 mentoring, you get a 50% discount on the Bridge Page.

Renewal Fee for Hosting and Maintenance:

$15 month-to-month
$150 annual (get 2 months free)

If you choose to cancel, we’ll unpublish your page and remove the link from the list of certified teachers. You can reactivate at any point in the future.

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