Compare our TOEFL feedback vs an anonymous tutor’s

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In the stressful moments while you’re taking a TOEFL iBT test, it’s normal not to notice all the mistakes that you make while you speak and write. The good news is you can become conscious of your mistakes and stop making them… if you follow effective study protocols.

In my opinion, all TOEFL teachers and schools should give homework, check your homework, and give you detailed feedback. But they don’t.

It’s crazy that I have to say this but…

In my TOEFL classes, you get homework. It’s worth saying because I found out (from my students who studied with other tutors or schools) that there are TOEFL classes without homework.  After you submit your homework to us, you get feedback. I need to say this because sometimes teachers don’t look at your homework.

Our feedback is detailed. We’re proud of how detailed we are. We pay attention to all kinds of grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, spelling issues… AND we’re also looking at the big picture (in terms of your ideas, and the quality of your examples and description).

When you study for TOEFL iBT, it is very important that you get detailed feedback about Topic Development, Grammar, Vocabulary, and more (like the quality of your ideas, the types of examples, and how clearly you express your idea).

We’re getting close to the registration deadline for our June classes.

The Friendly Introduction to TOEFL iBT is Saturdays from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM (California time) beginning June 13. Click the link below to see full details:

The 12 Topics for TOEFL is more advanced and it’s various Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM (California time) between June 9 and July 23, so check specific dates if you need to get modify your work schedule with your boss. Click the link below to see full details: