Get the lowest 2020 price for 12 Topics classes for TOEFL iBT

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Hi there! This is Jamie Miller with English Success Academy, and if you need a serious professional step by step class to learn how to get the TOEFL iBT scores that you need, like Speaking 26, Writing 24, then I want to let you know there’s a special opportunity to join my 12 Topics class. I have just postponed the start date for our classes.

Originally, we were beginning January 7th, but we’ve just pushed that back to January 21st 2020. And the other thing is that if you have been considering joining this class and you need a good reason why, I am telling you this is the last cycle we will be teaching for the current price of enrollment, which is $1200. After this cycle, the price will be going up. So if you want to save money and if you’ve been thinking about studying TOEFL iBT with me, this is a very good time to join because it will not be less expensive in the future. In fact, I can guarantee that it’s going to cost more. So get your free consultation with me. Let me meet you.

I’m happy to talk with you and give you a personalized recommendation about what I think you should do. Reach out to us at, or fill out the consultation form on our site. You can also start seeing the information about the new updated class schedule for the 12 Topics.

And it does cover reading, writing, listening, and speaking, particularly how to get an advanced speaking score with lots and lots of tips about note-taking strategies, dealing with stress, time management, what to include in your responses, what to cut out, and how to make sure that you are going to get an advanced speaking score.

I look forward to hearing from you. I hope we meet soon, and Happy New Year!