How do we organize all the info you study in my online TOEFL iBT lessons?

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The ESA Method “Learning Kit” is the only one of its kind. Of all the schools I worked at, and of all the TOEFL iBT programs who I know of, I don’t know anyone else who ships something like this to each new student.

I am Jaime Miller (the owner of English Success Academy). I have spent countless hours observing how people in your situation study for TOEFL iBT. 95% of my students are pharmacists and physical therapists who need Speaking scores of at least 26 and Writing scores of at least 24.

Over the years, through video conferencing, I’ve tried to guide my students in creating the ideal study environment. For years, I was on a quest to help students create a certain type of physical study environment – however, you will probably need to occasionally study in a different room of your house, at work, the library or… as often happens, while you’re travelling.

If I asked you to guess the most significant obstacle that you face (right up until the day that you get your target scores), would you guess that it is staying focused on the next step? Staying organized and focused and remembering “the right thing” is critical because it’s so easy to get distracted.
If you only had to learn one single thing, you would have already gotten your scores for TOEFL iBT. The problem is you have to learn lots of things. Plus, you also need to learn them in a particular sequence. I know that you’re a super busy adult with loads of responsibilities…

That’s why I designed the “Learning Kit” to support you on your journey to target scores of Speaking 26 or Writing 24.

How do we organize all the info you study in my online TOEFL iBT lessons

Hi there. This is Jamie Miller with English Success Academy. I’m in my car because I wanted to show you a little bit of what happens after you sign up for private lessons with me for TOEFL iBT and the ESA method. So I’m on the way to the post office right now, and I’ve got my learning kit, the ESA method learning kit, that I’m sending to a new student. She just started with me. She’s in Brazil. And I wanted to give you an idea of some of the pieces of what’s inside of that and what makes this special.

The ESA learning kit is one of the reasons why students get faster results with me, why our lessons are more efficient, and why everything starts with a bang instead of a slower warm-up process. So basically the ESA learning kit is a binder and some other components that I mail to you, specifically to get results with improving your vocabulary, grammar, understanding of topic development, and strategies for the speaking, writing, listening or reading sections.

So the ESA learning kit is something that’s customized to you. I’ve got a lot of handouts, worksheets, protocols various things that are important. And based on what I know that you need I find that out during our enrollment conversation, and as I’m getting to know you. Based on what I know you need I put together a binder that is just for you, and so all of the things on the inside of it are for you. Like, for example, with my one student I put together four separate components that I told her she needs to put those on the wall, so that she can study with those. Those are going to go on the wall, those four pieces of paper.

But the rest of it I’ve organized for her into these different sections. And so like there’s a section for writing, my writing protocols, there’s a section for speaking for topic development, the protocols for that. And in the protocol section for speaking, just to give you a super quick example, there’s some of my favorite and most useful activities that people can do for homework to get results when they’re self-studying. Because I use a combination of online lessons where I might teach you something about grammar or vocabulary or topic development or whatever you’re confused about, we would cover that in private lessons, but then afterwards the homework that you do, again it’s customized to you.

But sometimes when you’re studying you need to make sure that you’re doing homework by yourself the right way so that you actually get a result from it. And so the protocol section that I have covers how to make sure that your timing is right for any of the six speaking tasks. What else have I got here? There are other secrets; I’m not going to share all of those here. But there are six different protocols that I share with you for the speaking section, two protocols if you need help with writing, there’s two protocols in there. If you need help with raising your listening score, there’s a protocol for that as well.

Anyway, so all of that arrives. I’m sending this off to Brazil, and that will be a little slower to arrive because of shipping and customs and all of that. But no matter where you are in the world if you sign up for working with me, I will send you your own learning kit to get started so that we don’t waste any time.

If you want to find out more about this and how I work with students in private online lessons, head over to my website,, and click on the page for private lessons, the ESA method. I look forward to seeing your application soon.

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