At-Home TOEFL: Part 2 – Rescheduling a Standard TOEFL as At-Home

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This blog post continues from Part 1: The “At-Home” TOEFL iBT for COVID-19 is here!

In this post, I’m helping you contact ETS to reschedule your standard TOEFL test as an at-home version. This is really important!

You must reschedule your standard test as a specifically an “at-home” test. If you just sit around and wait for the day of your test to come, you will not be able to just magically take the test at home.

There are actually 3 ways that you can contact ETS, but probably the easiest for them and you is if you just follow my email template below.

Open your email account.
Copy-paste the message below.
Customize the message with your information.
Send it to them.

This is The Email that You Should Send

Send to:

Email Subject:
Reschedule standard TOEFL to at home

The Email:
Dear ETS,
I’m writing because I need to reschedule a standard TOEFL test appointment at a test center to a Special Home Edition appointment.

Below is my information. Please let me know if there is anything else that you require from me:

My ETS ID Number:

My First Name:

My Last Name:

My Address:

My Email Address:

My Date of Birth:

The TOEFL Test that I already registered and paid for (at a real center) is scheduled for ____________. (Type the day and month here.)

The identification number for the test center location is __________.

My appointment number is ___________.

Thanks so much for your help!

What’s next?

Did you send the email above? The next step is to start gathering the right technological components to take the test.

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