How to Use Spaced Repetition To Memorize Vocab for TOEFL iBT Reading and Listening

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In this video, Jaime talks about how to use spaced repetition in order to memorize vocabulary for reading and listening passages on the TOEFL iBT faster.

If you’ve taken the 12 Topics Classes with us, then you should already have flashcards that you made during the Topic 1 class. If you have not taken our class, then just note that this exercise is done under the assumption that you have the specific type of flashcards students make in our classes.

The flashcards that Jaime uses in this video are blank sample cards.

Celebration from an ESA Student

“After the Topic 1 class for improving my TOEFL Reading and Listening scores, I built the habit to create Flashcards for everything new for me. I had tons but I didn’t know how to make use of them. Every time I was trying to review them, I felt lost and I didn’t have any tracking system. For a long time, I had the feeling that these Flashcards were worthless. Until I saw Jaime’s video. Thank God I didn’t stop my habit of creating them and I still kept them in piles. About 1 week ago, I tried Spaced Repetition and it is really an effective way — not only to review them but also to keep track of what I am memorizing and keep reminding myself of what I already know. Finally, I found the way to benefit from all my effort of creating these cards!”

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