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Insane TOEFL Speaking Challenge

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Get inspired by 12 model responses if you need
26+ on TOEFL Speaking

We know what kind of speaking responses TOEFL graders love and what phrases limit your score to 23-24. You won’t get a TOEFL speaking score of 26+ if you say things like, “My favorite sport is tennis for two main reasons. The first reason is that tennis is exciting. The second main reason is that tennis is healthy. So for those reasons, I really like playing tennis.

Jaime got a 30 at the Speaking section when she took an actual TOEFL test. Imitating high-quality model TOEFL responses is an effective preparation tactic. However, you have to make sure that you learn from high-scoring examples because your own responses will reflect the speech patterns you model. You know that you can trust Jaime’s approach and model responses because she’s tested them for you.

After Jaime scored 30/30 on TOEFL iBT speaking back in 2013, we hosted a live Insane TOEFL Speaking Challenge to give you examples of strong, high-scoring responses. Jaime was surprised by twelve Task 1 and 2 speaking prompts prepared by her assistant. She had 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to answer – just like a real TOEFL!

Some of the questions were:

– Do you agree or disagree that home-schooled children have an advantage over public-schooled students?

– Describe your opinion on this social controversy: should people who download music and movies illegally be punished?

– Do you agree or disagree that classrooms should have video cameras for security?

Jaime answered them spontaneously, in the same way that she spoke at TOEFL speaking. All her responses were recorded on the spot and then became a part of the Key 6 of the Advanced Speaking Guide, along with the transcripts and Jaime’s original hand-written notes.

If you need to get inspiration and see what introduction phrases Jaime used, how she transitioned to examples and how she wrapped up the topics, we encourage you to spend some time with the Key 6 of the Advanced Speaking Guide.

“In the past I was listening to YouTube videos and I was stuck with a 22. Today I got my TOEFL score and I got 103 with 26 on the speaking section. I bought your program some months ago. I followed all the suggestions; I worked on my pronunciation and memorized your phrases until I felt comfortable with them. In the past, I continuously made mistakes with the “he and she” in questions number 3 and 5 but not anymore!” Maria F., a dentist from Columbia