Keep your battery full while studying TOEFL

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Hey there. It’s Jaime Miller with English Success Academy, and I wanted to talk with you a little bit about what inspires me to keep working with TOEFL iBT students.

I am outside right now, and it’s very necessary sometimes to just unplug from everything. And I want to talk a little bit with you about how I keep finding the energy to do what I do to work with the students that I work with and to stay in a tough industry.

You know, a lot of my students, when they’re studying for TOEFL, they get really exhausted and depressed and frustrated with how difficult it can be to keep studying for the exam. And I’ve got to tell you, like I really understand, because I’ve been doing this since 2010. Teaching TOEFL iBT has been my full-time job since then. So if you feel tired with TOEFL, if you’re frustrated, exhausted, if you’re wondering, you know, if you’re smart enough or capable enough or if you’re going to be able to do it, I really get it. I know what that’s all about, and that’s the reason why I wanted to come out here and share this video with you about how I recharge, where I find my inspiration when I feel exhausted. And the reason why I think it’s important and useful to share this with you is because so many of my students, like, really need this message sometimes.

A couple weeks ago, one of the women that I’ve been teaching got the really exciting news. She finally got Speaking 26 on the TOEFL test. We’ve been working for that a really long time, so I was thrilled for her that she finally got those results. But then, at the same time, her writing score slips a little bit, which happens, unfortunately, sometimes. And she was texting me after she got her results, and she was so upset she was just crying and like, really exhausted and depressed and frustrated, and I gave her this advice. It’s the same advice that I follow for myself, and I’m giving it to you now, and it’s that you got to just rest a little bit, you know, sometimes you need to have a good cry.

Sometimes holding it in and like pretending like you don’t feel the way that you feel is the worst way to work through it, and I recommend that you just acknowledge the anger, acknowledge the sadness, cry, yell, get it out and then have a hot shower. Have a good meal, get a really good night’s sleep because if you just rest and recharge, your body will be better tomorrow.

You know, we are cyclical creatures. We work in cycles, especially women. And if you just tap into your body’s wisdom like you know that you’re not a machine, you’re not a robot. You’re gonna have days where you’re a lot more energetic and days where you’re more tired and that’s okay. Just don’t fight it. Go with that.

You know, I find that just honoring the fact that I’m tired or exhausted is usually the beginning of getting creativity and getting an idea. So, you know, don’t push yourself too hard, like when you’re working on TOEFL for a really long time, and it’s gonna change your life. It’s gonna change your career. It’s okay if sometimes there’s a delay of, you know, a few weeks or even a couple of months, because it’s gonna be worth it. And that’s always what I remind my students to stay focused on and to think about. And it’s what I remind myself, too, when sometimes I’ve got bad days and I feel frustrated or overwhelmed by the TOEFL test, and you know how difficult all of it can be. So it’s all right if you’re feeling that way, and just take really good care of yourself. If you feel like you need more strategic help after you get that rest and self care, if you’re ready for a new plan.

If you want to get on track, come check out my website, and find out more about TOEFL Camp and my online classes for the 12 Essential Topics. If you come and visit me and work with me in Sacramento, California, I’m gonna be able to help you get 4 to 5 weeks worth of studying done in just three days, which could be worth the trip if you need fast results.

Anyway, come check out our website, sign up for a free consultation, reach out. We’re here so you don’t have to struggle by yourself.