Live, Free Class: 3 Factors that Create Your Accent (and how to control them to get 26+ on TOEFL iBT speaking)

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On Tuesday, April 7th, you can attend Jaime’s  live, free online video class.  You can watch the broadcast from anywhere in the world.  Even if you cannot attend live, register so that you can watch the recording later.

What You’ll Learn in This Live Class:

3 Factors That Create Your Accent: Learn what these are so you control your accent and learn to speak how TOEFL iBT graders prefer. Then get a score of 26+ on TOEFL speaking.

When to Expect Improvement: Discover how long it usually takes people to improve their TOEFL iBT speaking scores to 26 or higher. Find out which study programs get fast results.

What You Should Bring:

  • Bring a notebook so that you can take notes about the topics which Jaime discusses.
  • A good internet connection. To hear what Jaime says and to see her clearly, you want to have a strong internet connection.
  • A big screen. Jaime will show her computer screen at times. To make sure that you can see clearly, we recommend that you use a large computer screen. If you watch on your mobile or small tablet, you may feel frustrated at times.
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Jaime Miller

Teaching TOEFL iBT is my full-time job; it’s not a hobby or an occasional lesson topic. I was a new TOEFL teacher back in 2010. I’ve taught hundreds of TOEFL students from over 30 countries and more than 20 language groups. I give students far more detailed information about why their TOEFL iBT Speaking scores are just 23-24 than the official ETS score report gives. I create study plans that change students’ TOEFL iBT speaking scores from 23-24 to 26, 27 and 28.