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How much training should a TOEFL teacher have?

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Do you know that we have been developing our own teacher training program since mid-2014 and all teachers who we recommend are officially certified as ESL Exam Prep Coaches?

In other words, they have successfully completed the 90-hour training program How to Teach Exams led by Jaime Miller and follow the exam-teaching methodology that gets results. If you’re curious to learn more about the certification, different teacher levels and the amount of training they received, please click the button below:

Today, we would also like to give you the opportunity to get to know some of our amazing teachers better. Read excerpts from their interviews below and make sure to check out their pages.

 Sherlen Tanner, ESL Exam Prep Coach, Level 2

– What’s your favorite part of teaching for exams like TOEFL iBT? 

– My favorite aspect of teaching TOEFL is helping students reach their educational goals so they can ultimately enjoy the careers they deserve. As an English instructor, preparing students for the exam matches my passion towards success. I am thrilled when my students reach the necessary score to enter a university. There is no better feeling than watching TOEFL students’ dreams become a reality.

– What role have the training & certification course played in your professional life? 

– English Success Academy’s certification course had a big impact on my ability and confidence to teach TOEFL successfully. Jaime’s training program is based on a very structured and systematic methodology. This training provided me insight on how to better diagnose students’ strengths and weaknesses and design targeted study plans to correct problematic areas to ultimately improve students’ exam scores.


Jane Birkenhead, ESL Exam Prep Coach, Level 3

jane_birkenhead.jpg– What do you like about teaching for TOEFL?

– I really enjoy helping students and I love how we have to concentrate on all four language skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary. It’s a big challenge but you know that if you do well in TOEFL, then you can communicate well.

It’s not a secret that many TOEFL students are overwhelmed and stressed out. How did the training & certification course help you recognize their personal challenges and reduce stress?

– ESA’s training helped me to understand that each student’s challenges directly affect their exam performance. Anything I do to help remove stress and negativity helps improve students’ performances. I learned that it’s really important to tailor my teaching for the student I’m working with and not take a one-size-fits-all approach.

Sierra Yohalem, ESL Exam Prep Coach, Level 2

– What made you become a TOEFL teacher?

– I became a TOEFL teacher because I wanted to work with motivated, dedicated students and help them reach their goals. TOEFL students work very hard and passing the exam can often be the first step in a series of life-changing events. It’s exciting to be a part of that!

– How have the training & certification course helped you teach better TOEFL lessons?

– ESA’s “How to Teach Exams” course really helped motivate me to find new solutions to help students with pronunciation and accent reduction. Jaime has explained every aspect of the TOEFL iBT speaking section in detail boosting my confidence as a teacher and giving me the essential tools I need to help my students succeed.

Matt Radley, ESL Exam Prep Coach, Level 2


– What common qualities have you noticed about your TOEFL iBT students?

– My TOEFL iBT students all have very specific goals, and timelines for those goals. I have learned early that no two students are alike, and their dreams and aspirations, their time constraints, abilities are all so different from one another. And it is so important to treat each student as a unique individual, because they are!

-What makes your and English Success Academy’s approach to teaching different from all other schools?

– I first realized how different ESA was from other schools when I interviewed at a “test prep” school in Taiwan. It was basically “here is the ETS website. Go through it, along with this random TOEFL book and start teaching.” There was no plan, and no individual attention to specific needs. That was when I knew that ESA was something special that I wanted to be a part of. At ESA, we require our students to take a full practice test before the lessons begin. From here, I will perform a Score Analysis, I will analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and I will base my lessons on that. This is to ensure that we don’t waste any of your time or your money.

What do you think about certification for ESL exam teachers? Is it important for you to have a certified coach? Leave a comment below, share your thoughts with us.