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Before starting, I was somewhat hesitant because it was my first online course. I remember vividly when Jaime Miller told me, “My course is designed so that there is zero risk of not getting the desired TOEFL iBT score.” As soon as the first lesson was complete, I was totally confident that The ESA Method would be way more effective than any in-person course.

– J V, lawyer from Brazil (final scores: Speaking 26 Writing 27)

My name is Jaime Miller, and since 2010 I’ve been helping motivated and ambitious physical therapists, pharmacists, lawyers, and other kinds of students prepare for TOEFL iBT and get their target scores. My specialty is how to get a speaking score of 26 or higher and a writing score of 24 or higher.

Now the thing is, it’s been a long time since I started producing material. Some of the videos that I made and the articles that I wrote are six and eight years old at this point. The way that I teach has improved tremendously, and the advice that I give to people has also changed and modified as I get clearer and more experienced about how to help people get those speaking and writing scores that they need.

So I wanted to create a new channel, a new place where I could put my current, my most up-to-date and most recent videos about strategy, demonstrations of my learning so that you can understand how I teach now in this year not a few years ago, and that you can get all of that information that I’m sharing with my students who continue on in private lessons with me.

I hope that you’ll click the button to subscribe, because there will be more videos after this. This is just the introduction and the welcome. Please follow my channel and find out more about how I can help you get your speaking scores and your writing scores, so that you can finish with TOEFL and move on with your life.