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A Physical Therapist from Brazil achieved S26


Originally from Brazil, Jose was trying to achieve the speaking score of 26 to apply for the US green card.

Please read his success story:

“Jaime gave me the confidence that I was missing but not only that, she could diagnose my weaknesses precisely and give me the right tips and guidance I needed. I have this feeling that if I had never purchased the program, I would have very weak chances of making the 26. The funny part of the story is that I didn’t have a good day on the exam. I was very anxious and the room was somewhat noisy and uncomfortable so when the time came and I had to give the speech, it was not good at all.

To be honest, I was very disappointed after the exam and hopeless about the results but when I got it was the amazing 26 I was waiting for so long, 1 year to be exact. Jaime’s guidance and the content of the materials I had access were so powerful that even in a bad day I got the 26! I am pretty sure that if I had a god day I would get the 30!! Auauauua

Lets share this because you guys really helped me in a very professional way and this needs to be told to people struggling with TOEFL around the world as I was a month ago. Thanks again ESA team, as I told you guys before, YOU ARE TALENTED!”

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TOEFL Lessons - Success Story - Speaking 26

A lawyer from Brazil got 104 (Speaking 26)

Meet P., our student from Brazil, who needed a highly competitive TOEFL score to be able to apply for scholarships at top American universities. P. was a first-time TOEFL taker who needed help primarily with the speaking section of the test. He already had excellent reading and listening skills, used a variety of vocabulary and had very few issues with grammar.

Our TOEFL teacher Sherlen Tanner created a study plan for him, which they followed within 15 hours of private lessons over 6 weeks. They focused on intonation, linking sounds, pronunciation of specific sounds P. had difficulty with, as well as on topic development and effective time management. On top of that, P. practiced independently with a set of our self-study programs.

As a result, P. scored with a speaking score of 26! He also got R28, L27, W23, and his total score of 104 allows him to apply to the highest-ranking programs in the US.

Here’s what P. wrote to Sherlen:

“I would like to thank you for your competent teaching. Your job was excellent, and really helped me. It was an honor being your student!

I also would like to congratulate the ESA team for the excellent materials they prepared and made available for us, students. It is really helpful and efficient.”

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An SLP from Argentina got S26

Yolanda is originally from Argentina and she needed to get a high TOEFL score for her U.S. immigration process.
Read her feedback on studying with English Success Academy:

“Since 2012, I’ve been trying to pass my TOEFL exam. I tried private teachers, an online course, and I even spent one month in an English school in Toronto. When I met English Success Academy and Jaime Miller, I was very curious about her online course. This program was totally different, its TOEFL approach was innovative and complex.

Finally I decided to take online classes with Jaime. I found an amazing human being, an excellent teacher, a smart creator who designed a program in two ways, first to learn about TOEFL and second to find personal strengths on her students. Being myself a therapist, all her unique strategies gave me a complete sense because they help not only to give us a language proficiency, but also teach the brain how to create stronger connections. I passed the exam and Jaime and her excellent program game me powerful tools to go through this difficult challenge in my life.

Thank you Jaime Miller, Thank you English Success Academy for your help and support.”

Success in Numbers:
Over 10 weeks, Yolanda had 30 hours of private lessons and 175 hours of self study.

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You can’t really blame ETS. Their income depends on selling more tests, so in their TOEFL iBT score reports, they give you exactly the kind of advice that you already give yourself: vague, generic and generally ineffective at raising your score.

Fortunately for you, our mission is really different: To get you out of TOEFL Hell. Even better, we know what ETS is not telling you — exactly where you need to focus to make a difference, even if you’ve taken the test repeatedly, feel discouraged and hear voices inside your head asking “What if you never make it?”


We know you are brilliant. We know you work hard. We also know it is not your fault that you are stuck — most schools, teachers and books do not have a clue about what YOU need to do to get the score you need.

If you continue to work on what you think are your weaknesses, you will continue to be disappointed at future exams. The truth is that you are missing pieces — but you don’t know what they are… yet! When you study with us, you have a teacher who has been trained to analyze what those missing pieces are so that you can focus on them effectively and get massive returns on your time and effort.

You have to understand the rules in order to win. ETS knows what they are, but it isn’t to their advantage to tell you. We also know the rules (we figured them out ☺). And in our first sessions, we discover which pieces of the puzzle you are missing and we happily tell you.

That is because to us, you are not just an ID number or another score report. Our whole team celebrates whenever an ESA student gets their target scores. Teachers you will never even meet are cheering for you.

Imagine how different it will be when you study with a teacher who wants you to stop taking TOEFL iBT.


Common Questions

You study on your computer (not on a tablet or a smartphone) at your house.

To connect with your teacher, you will use the free video chat program Zoom. During the lesson, your teacher may use specific PDF documents with you, or do activities in the Online TOEFL Workshop.

Sometimes, to help you understand concepts about grammar, vocabulary or writing, your teacher may co-edit in a Google Doc or Microsoft Word Document.

All ESA teachers have completed at least Level 1 of our exclusive certification and training program. This means that ESA teachers have the same knowledge of concepts like Score Analysis, effective lesson planning, and how to help you fix old errors with pronunciation, grammar or vocabulary.

We recruit qualified, dedicated English teachers (with at least 3 years and typically 5+ years of previous teaching experience). All teachers have light, neutral accents.

Of course, it depends on how much you self-study, and how long you study and what level of experience a teacher has.

  • Lessons with Level 2 teachers are $50 per hour.
  • Lessons with Level 3 teachers are $75 per hour.
  • Lessons with Level 4 teachers are $100 per hour.

Studying English is a lot like exercising. A little bit doesn’t have big results. We strongly encourage you to commit to packages of 6 to 12 weeks in length because we are confident of measurable results.

After speaking with the Lesson Coordinator, you will have a specific proposal with a clear cost. You can also discuss options for payment installments

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TOEFL Lessons - Glianne's Success Story

A pharmacist from the Philippines got S27 / W25


Glianne scored 104 with the amazing Speaking 27 and Writing 25. Before studying with us, Glianne’s typical speaking score was 22-23 and her writing score ranged from 22 to 25 on different attempts.

Please see her testimonial below:

“I finally passed the TOEFL test! I’ve conquered my impossible! Thank you, Jaime! Thank you, Marina and Julia! Thank you, ESA!

Here are my scores: R26 L26 S27 W25. I still can’t believe it. I thought that I will have to take another test again.

Thank you, Jaime, for trusting in me. I really thought that I will never accomplish this. I think without your motivational advice, I will never work harder to improve my English. It is really painful when someone is a serial planner and nothing she plans goes accordingly. But, none of that matters because I found your school and I had the chance to be included in your schedule before my test date. With your teachings, I was really able to prepare effectively.

It was all worth it. I’m so grateful! Thank you, ESA! You are a blessing to students like myself!”

Success in Numbers:
She did a Score Analysis session and followed it with 12 hours of private lessons over 6 weeks – and 60 hours of self study.

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TOEFL Lessons - Svetlana's Success Story - Speaking 26

A pharmacist from Russia got Speaking 26


Svetlana’s story is truly inspiring and we want to share it with you to get you inspired too. What Svetlana felt is what so many TOEFL students feel when they lose belief in themselves and have only an overwhelming sense of impossibility.

She was a serial TOEFL-taker struggling with the test for years. Even though she speaks English all the time in her family, her TOEFL speaking score was stuck at 22-23. However, her dedication and persistence was unbelievable!

Svetlana spent over a year on intensive TOEFL preparation studying with our self-study programs first and then taking private lessons. Getting targeted support from an experienced TOEFL teacher was key for her to get through. Svetlana has an incredible spirit as she found the strength to keep going and continue studying even being extremely frustrated after more than 20 unsuccessful attempts. And finally, she did it – she got her desired speaking score of 26!

Here’s what Svetlana says:

“At the beginning I cried, and my kids got so scared because their mom was crying and I was like “No, I’m not crying, I’m just laughing so hard!” I’m so happy right now!

I graduated from two universities in my life: I was an engineer first and then I was a pharmacist, and it’s not the easiest thing ever. But TOEFL is the most difficult task I’ve ever done in my life. I took my first TOEFL test 5 years ago, then I switched to the FPGEE exam and after passing it, I was fully dedicated to the TOEFL. In total, I’ve taken TOEFL over 20 times. It was so hard… But I actually discovered some things about myself – for example, that I cannot give up.

Jaime, thank you so much! Thank you for your energy! You’ve got so much patience for me and taught me everything. I’m a person again, not just somebody who doesn’t pass TOEFL. And I would like to give a piece of advice to other TOEFL students in a stressful situation: if you feel that you don’t know something, then go and learn this, but stop thinking that you didn’t pass because you’re not smart enough. Just keep going!”

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A Physical Therapist from India got S27

Surbhi is a Physical Therapist from India and this is the story of her TOEFL-journey:

After being married, my primary goal was to get Physical Therapy license. For that I needed 26 on my TOEFL Speaking section. So here starts my TOEFL journey.

I took TOEFL three times before getting 27. First time My score was R21, W 24, L 27 and S22. Second time my speaking score was 23. And then I took Jaime’s online workshop tutorials and after watching her videos I got 24. I thought that I was on right track but did not notice my mistakes. Then my husband suggested to take Jaime’s personal lessons and that was the turning point of my TOEFL journey.

After taking two classes from Jaime I noticed that I did not interpret the online material correctly. I was using phrases which Jaime did not recommend. Jaime helped me with my grammar, sentence formation and pronunciation and also motivated me to work hard. Before starting our first lesson, Jaime sent me a success story of Kambiz who got 29 on speaking section. I replicated his idea of taking test date without telling anyone… After my 5 classes with Jaime, I took test and got 27. If I had taken test after 8 lessons then I would have probably scored higher on it.

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