It’s time to escape TOEFL hell
and get back to your real life.

The Problem

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After 7 years of watching adults study for TOEFL iBT, I know how problematic and difficult it is.

Everybody has seen those crazy success stories in the TOEFL Facebook groups about that one guy who got Speaking 26 after he studied by himself for just 4 hours with YouTube videos one night. Are you kidding me?! 4 hours?  If you’re like a lot of my students, you’ve been studying for way more than 4 hours. Try 4 years.

You might wonder what’s wrong with you.

A lot of my students wonder that. So they look for help… but the industry for test preparation is highly unregulated. Did you know that any teacher or school can say they teach TOEFL iBT and start offering classes? Any publishing company can start selling a TOEFL iBT book.

I see you, over there, drowning in low-quality information. How do you know what to follow and what to ignore?

Well, the obvious answer is to ask a teacher. Unfortunately, while teachers can recommend resources, they have trouble giving you a clear answer about exactly how many hours it will take.

That makes it impossible to budget. Do you need $1,500 or $15,000 to pass TOEFL iBT?

Without a budget, it’s really difficult to keep following any teacher’s recommendation.

So, you try this thing. Then, you try that thing. You take lessons with this tutor. Then that tutor. You switch back and forth between group classes and private lessons and self-studying. You jump around from one to another, hoping that something will work.

Except… nothing is working.

You put in so much effort. You’re so sick of TOEFL you could scream because you’re not moving forward.

And then, right when you need it the least, life happens. Your family gets big news. There’s a natural disaster or a political crisis that changes everything.  Or your friends show up unexpectedly at your house and plan to stay for three weeks. (Just in the past month, events like these affected several of my students.)

Your life can change overnight. You need a way to study for TOEFL iBT that fits your life. What do you do if you agreed to a TOEFL study program that expires or has extra fees or a strict cancellation policy that gives you no permission to be human?

And if you do cancel and get your life together, you’re even further away from your goal of Speaking 26 than you were before.

I know. I’ve been helping people like you, full-time since 2010.

I know that studying for TOEFL the traditional way has not been easy.

And that is exactly why I created my new program, S26.

The Solution

My new service model is called S26. It gives you
unlimited strategy, motivation and classes
to get your target scores
and be completely done with TOEFL iBT… as soon as possible.

S26 combines super smart use of technology, group time
and personal attention from me, Jaime Miller.

It is the support that you need to get your target scores
and get back to your real life.

Starting now means…
You’ll reach your goal sooner
pay the lowest price possible.

Between tutors and ETS registration fees, you can end up paying over $10,000 and not even get the result.

S26 is going to change all that.

What Students Say

“Jaime filled me with energy me for the whole day. She is the most organized and inspiring teacher I’ve ever had. Homework she gives requires a lot of time, but the results are incredible.”

TOEFL iBT, before Jaime: 92

TOEFL iBT, after Jaime: 112 (R29 L29 S29 W25)


“My final score was speaking score 26 sharp! Exactly what I needed as a Physical Therapist applying for a green card in the US. The funny part of the story is that I didn’t have a good day at the exam.

“Jaime’s guidance and the content of the materials I had access were so powerful that even on a bad day, I got the 26!”


“Getting 26 on TOEFL Speaking was the most difficult task I’ve ever done in my life. After getting my FPGEE, in total, I took TOEFL over 20 times. Then I began studying with Jaime and discovered something about myself – that I cannot give up without getting my 26.

“Jaime, thank you so much! I’m a person again.”


How is S26 different from everything you tried before?

Traditional lessons and classes are like a “TOEFL Learning Taxi” that only takes you part-way to your destination.
With S26, I take you all the way to your goal.

How It Works

  • Connector.

    Get access to the S26 website.

    After you pay your deposit (one month’s installment), you have access to a special part of the OTW study website where all the material for S26 lives.
    If you ever cannot attend a live session, the recordings will be available here for you to watch. You can log in anytime to watch recordings and study. The website works on your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

  • Connector.

    Get your Score Analysis and consultation with me.

    To make sure that we don’t waste any time at all, before you begin lessons or start studying anything, you will finish my special Score Analysis process. I’ll send you the document to review (complete with a list of your mistakes). Then, we meet in Zoom for a live consultation. I answer any questions you have.
    Your Score Analysis is the foundation of everything you do with me. If your score is weak in any of the 4 sections, we’ll systematically fix it. If your score is already strong in any of the 4 sections, you can skip studying it — or follow my recommendations if you want an even higher score.

  • Connector.

    Start studying your personalized list of mistakes.

    Everything you do in S26 is personalized for you. Before we leave the Score Analysis consultation, I’ll give you homework and activities to get started with.
    Don’t worry about getting too much information. I’ve guided hundreds of students through this path before. I know you might be confused, and that is why I will give you small, easy action steps that you can accomplish. When you’re ready for the next activity, I’ll give it to you.

  • Connector.

    Get motivated every Monday.

    Every Monday, I’ll be energizing you with live classes and workshops. If you ever watched any of my videos and smiled, or felt a surge of motivation, then you’ll benefit a lot from the empowering discussions and activities that I lead you through here.

  • Connector.

    Ask me questions in Office Hours every Thursday.

    Every Thursday, I’ll be in an open Zoom Room where you and other students in S26 can enter and ask questions. You’re free to ask any questions that are stopping you from moving forward with your own personal “to do” list. You’re welcome to stay and listen to other students’ questions, but it is also totally fine for you to leave when you have your answer.

  • Connector.

    Get my personal attention.

    Because you’re in S26, I read your emails and text messages first. You can ask me questions via email whenever you need to and I’ll answer, Monday through Friday.
    And because you need time with me when I can teach and coach you privately, every month you can schedule up to 2 hours with me personally in 30- or 60-minute blocks of time.

  • Connector.

    Get expert feedback.

    You are not going to waste time wondering if you’re doing “the right thing.” Twice a month, you will submit samples of your writing and speaking and receive feedback, with advice about exactly what and how to study.


  • Connector.

    Tame the chaos.

    On Day 1, you’ll see exactly how to get organized… and stay organized. The result? You will think clearly and focus on the essentials that make a difference in your score.

  • Connector.

    Learn faster with Strategy Implementation Sessions.

    You’ll have all the material that you need to raise your TOEFL iBT score in any of the 4 sections (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing). My “Strategy Implementation Sessions” are different from traditional classes because I show you how to improve.
    These Sessions allow you to study effectively by yourself and make more progress between your private meetings with me.
    You will not find these Strategy Implementation Sessions in any of the other programs that you might have bought from me before. It’s all “new” (even though it took me 7 years of helping TOEFL iBT students to learn it).
    If you cannot attend the Strategy Implementation Sessions live, you can watch the recordings in the video archive.

  • Connector.

    Fix your mistakes with my special protocols.

    You might imagine that when your English teachers learned how to teach you, that they were given protocols to fix old mistakes with your grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. Logical, right? Shockingly, they weren’t. (This is because of a myth in the industry about “fossilized errors.”)
    In 2013-2015, I had to start experimenting with procedures and protocols that would actually target and fix old mistakes. Why? Because when you say and write the right things, you’ll get your target scores at TOEFL iBT.
    When you’re in S26, I share my best discoveries and protocols with you. I am going to show you how to master what you review, so that you can speak and write accurately on Test Day, even under stress.

  • Connector.

    Measure your improvement with updates for your Score Analysis.

    After a few weeks of intensive study, you will do another full-length practice test for TOEFL iBT. From that, we can see where you are making improvements, and where we need to focus to see results. Based on this, I’ll tweak your homework, focus, and protocols.

  • Connector.

    Keep going until you have your TOEFL iBT target scores.

    Traditional lessons and classes have start and end dates. If you do S26 with me, I’ll be by your side until you get the thrilling news that you have your target scores.

  • Connector.

    Apply for internships and jobs with total confidence.

    After you’re done with TOEFL iBT, there are next steps. I’ll be there with you! I’ll make sure your resume, cover letter and letters of recommendation are strong. That way, you will be taken seriously by high-quality employers.
    (You may not know this, but I helped students get into programs at Harvard Law, Columbia and Sloan Business School. I also won a $20,000 scholarship for my own undergraduate education because of an essay that I wrote. Yeah. My one essay was worth $20,000.)

As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about when to take the real TOEFL iBT!
That is because I will tell you when you can expect to get your target scores. We’ll decide when to register together.

Students’ Questions

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Usually within 2-3 weeks, as soon as your make your deposit, we’ll get started with everything that I described above.
You get 2 hours with me each month. This can be broken up into multiple sessions or one marathon. In addition to that, you can reach out for help via email and text to get your questions answered between live sessions. I will be there to make sure you are focused on the right next step and stress-free.

Plus, if that isn’t getting results, I’ll set you up with trusted tutors. Don’t worry. I coordinate with them so that you get exactly what you need.

Don’t worry! S26 covers everything. Seriously, everything. If you need small or serious changes in your Reading, Listening or Writing, you will get support for that.

By joining this program, you get help in every area of TOEFL iBT so that nothing stops you from getting your target score and moving on with your life.

Please DO NOT Apply If…

  • You have no results or scores at all from previous TOEFL iBT tests or practice tests.
  • You are not willing to try new approaches to solve old problems.
  • You want to take traditional lessons where you pay for your teacher’s time, even when you don’t need it. (You can find those by Google searching for Kaplan or iTalki.)
  • Your deadline for FPGEE expiration is less than 8 months from now.

Please Apply If…

  • You are a physical therapist, pharmacist or other professional and your target income is over $80,000 per year.
  • You have minimum scores of R23 L23 S22 W21. It is ok you reached those on different test dates.
  • You have at least 10 hours a week to follow the program, learn from the Strategy Implementation Sessions and do the activities so that you can get expert feedback.
  • Your final deadline must be at least 8 months from the date you enroll and begin. 
  • You will agree to sign a contract that you will be committed and follow through.

Why S26 is Totally Different From Every Other TOEFL iBT Program

  • Your investment in S26 is the last money you will spend preparing for TOEFL iBT.
  • I’m with you until you’re done.
  • You get regular access to me, Jaime Miller. I’ve created Advanced Speaking Guide, Right Notes, 24+ Writing Tutorial and trained 30 teachers how to teach exams like TOEFL iBT.
  • I take the time to get to know you.
  • We focus on fixing your mistakes.
  • I use totally different protocols to fix your mistakes than other teachers in my field. (For more information, read my biography below.)
  • I lead you, step-by-step, through the systematic approach that took me 6 years to develop. If you allow me to guide you, you will get your target scores in all sections of TOEFL iBT.

The Price

Monthly payment plans are available.

To discuss the price, please start the application process by clicking the green button below.


If you show up, invest your time and energy and do the activities often enough to get results,
I will not stop working with you until we reach your target scores.


About Jaime Miller

It took me 3 years of being a full-time TOEFL iBT tutor — from 2010 to 2013 — to figure out the secret characteristics of what English actually sounds like when the TOEFL speaking score changes from 24 to 26. That information is not published in any books. The only teachers who know it are the teachers who worked with students for years to discover it for themselves.

On top of that, I have worked with hundreds of students and done lots of extra training for pronunciation, accent reduction and more. I know how to talk about these normally-boring topics and keep you awake and focused!

In 2013 and 2014, I finally felt confident about all “the English / accent / grammar / vocabulary stuff” that my students needed to know. But then I had another problem! My students needed to actually fix their mistakes. It is never enough for me (or some other tutor) to just give presentations and talk about TOEFL iBT and tell you huge amounts of information. You have to learn my information so well that you can use it accurately and easily when you are at the TOEFL exam.

Oh! Huh. Well, I realized, that is different… That’s not just strategies or regular English stuff… Now I needed to understand how to change memory and habits.

I looked in my notes for all my teacher training certification programs. I was shocked to discover that we never talked about how to fix old mistakes. In fact, during my research, I discovered that my industry has a special name for a concept called “a fossilized error” which is the belief that some mistakes are repeated so many times that you can’t change them. Some teachers and parts of my industry believe that old mistakes crystallize like a fossil in your memory.

So I asked my mentors and leaders of the teaching community. How do we change fossilized errors? How do we fix these old mistakes? No one in my industry could give me any clear information about how to fix fossilized mistakes. They were like, “Jaime, it’s fossilized. Give it up. You can’t fix it.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am not the kind of person who you tell “you can’t.” No? I can’t? Can’t I? Can’t we? Are you sure about that?

Basically, I refused to believe in the myth of the so-called fossilized error. And because of that, I started experimenting with my students. I discovered a lot and I was seeing results with students. Students who had “fossilized mistakes” were actually making progress. With my new homework protocols, their pronunciation in spontaneous conversations was actually changing. Their grammar was improving in real conversations. They were using the right vocabulary after years of mistakes.

In 2015, I began training teachers and I gave a presentation on how to fix fossilized mistakes at a conference for my industry. Every chair in the room where I presented was totally full. We had to turn away about 30 teachers at the door because they didn’t get there early enough and they couldn’t all fit inside. Obviously, this information about how to fix fossilized mistakes is something that you hope or you think every teacher would know — but in my industry, I don’t know anyone but me who talks about how to fix fossilized mistakes.

It has taken me a long time to be amazing in my industry — teaching, coaching, online education, English, accent reduction, knowing how to fix old mistakes… oh yeah! And TOEFL iBT. strategies.

Now that I have 7 years of experience, I know what to do with you.

You may think your situation is horrible and unfixable… But if we work together in S26, I will have lots of ideas about how to get the TOEFL iBT scores you need.

It will take time. You will also have to trust me. For some pharmacists, it’s terrifying to trust someone. Other pharmacists are so relieved to give someone else the permission to lead.

What about you? How would it feel to let go and trust someone who knows how to navigate you through the whole confusing mess for TOEFL iBT?

Do you have questions?

  • Please use the same email address whenever you contact us.