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How to Study for TOEFL iBT

Are you ready to follow your expert plan for getting your TOEFL scores?

Hi, I’m Jaime Miller and I’m happy to speak with you in a free consultation where we can meet, speak, discuss more about your situation of studying for the exam, and what it would look like if you used The ESA Method to get the results that you want with TOEFL iBT.

I’ve been guiding TOEFL iBT students out of the nightmare since 2010.

What is different about studying TOEFL with me and The ESA Method?

  • You get a serious TOEFL schedule to study for 5-7 days a week, created by an expert guide.
  • You submit homework and get feedback with details and information about your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You get a seat in my classes — both The 12 Topics and the bonus surprise classes I add.
  • You have access to video recordings of past classes.
  • You email me all your questions and concerns. I help you navigate and make difficult choices — like when to register for the next test.

What must you have to succeed?

  • You need time to follow the program. The only “shortcut” I can give you is if you already scored S26 or W24 and you need it again. However, if you’re getting the scores for the first time, you need months (not days or weeks).
  • You need 10-20 hours a week when you can follow the schedule I put on your calendar.
  • You need a regular size computer with a screen and normal keyboard.  You cannot study from your tablet or phone.
  • You need a printer so you can print occasional feedback documents and review sheets from me.
  • You must be either able to use Google Docs, Drive and Calendar — or you must be willing to learn.

If you have all those things, it’s time to finish the 5 Activities. After you finish the 5 Activities, we’ll talk in a free consultation.

If you’re ready to start Activity 1 of 5, click the green button below!

See you on the other side!

“I am happy because I managed to get a high score on the sections we worked together (on): speaking 26 and writing 27!!! Plus, a 28 on the listening section.”

“I need to thank you so, so much for the wonderful classes we had. Without you, I wouldn’t have got high scores on the speaking and writing sections. My friend was completely right when he recommended you as a brilliant instructor. I loved your method and the way you make your students confident to face the TOEFL nightmare!”JCV, a lawyer from Brazil

“It was embarrassing for me to try to practice something new in order to achieve a goal for TOEFL iBT. Jaime told me “I’m not going to teach you anything that would make you embarrassing in front of people.”

“When Jaime is giving her lessons, she’s not distracted by anything. I’ve seen tutors who made me feel like they don’t care or are so busy at that moment. At the end, Jaime always asks questions like, “Do you have any questions?” I really appreciate it.”Christina, a pharmacist from Africa