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The ESA Method: Are we a fit?

Make Your Copy of the Activity Document

Time Needed: Depending on your skill with technology, and your familiarity with Google Docs, you may need 1 to 15 minutes to finish this step.

Action Steps:

  1. Log into your Gmail or Google account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you will have to make one.
  2. In a separate tab or window, create a blank, new Google Doc.
  3. Click the button below. It will open a Google Doc with the activities in it.
  4. Copy-paste the information from the Google Doc into your own blank Google Doc. Do not use Microsoft Word.
    To study with Jaime, you must use Google Doc.
  5. Give your Google Doc this name: “The ESA Method Fit YOUR NAME + your email address ”
  6. Keep this Google Doc open and add your answers to it during Activities 1 through 5.

If you have any questions, don’t be shy about asking!

Click here to see the Google Doc

Now you’re ready to start!

Activity 1

Time Needed for Activity 1: It will take 26 minutes to watch the presentation below. You may need extra time if you need to re-watch portions of it or the entire thing. You may also need 2-10 minutes to write your answers on your Google Doc activity sheet.

There are 2 goals that you will accomplish by watching the video presentation below and taking notes.

Goal 1:  You will get a summary of Jaime’s career experience that has contributed to her students’ high rate of success with TOEFL iBT.

Goal 2: You will get Jaime’s opinion of the 3 most tragic reasons that some people never get their TOEFL iBT scores (even when they hire a tutor and start studying early).

Action Steps:

  1. Watch the complete video presentation above. Take brief notes.
  2. On the activity sheet (that you made a copy of), answer the questions for Activity 1.

When you finish, keep going to Activity 2.