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Activity 2

Time Needed for Activity 2: It will take 35 minutes to watch Jaime’s 5 presentation videos. You may need extra time if you need to re-watch portions of them. You will also need 15-35 minutes to finish the activities on Google Calendar and Google Doc — depending on your comfort level with technology.

There are 2 goals that you will accomplish by watching the videos below and following the steps.

Goal 1:  You will organize your Score History the way that Jaime would organize it, and you’ll learn to start thinking strategically about what the data means.

Goal 2: You will use Google Calendar (one of the pieces of technology we would use if you studied with me) to visually explain the way that you typically spend your time studying to get ready for a TOEFL iBT test.

2.1: Getting Started

Click play to watch the video below. If it’s too small and difficult for you to see the detail, click the button below to make the video full screen.

2.2: The Amount of Detail to Include

Include all test results!


2.3: Success Rates based on Target Scores

How likely are you to score Speaking 26? You might be surprised to discover that your target scores in Reading, Listening and Writing play a bigger role in your Speaking score than you may have previously imagined.

Watch this video to find out what your target scores should be to dramatically increase your chances of getting Speaking 26 on TOEFL iBT.

2.4: Identifying Trends in Your Actual Performance

Click play below to watch the video. On your own Google Doc, you will predict which boxes should be green.

Action Steps:

  1. Watch the video presentation above until it’s finished.
  2. On your Google Doc, use green to mark the scores you think in “the safe zone.”

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