What technology do we use to study TOEFL iBT online?

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The purpose of this video is to show you how I teach students, using online and offline technology — so my students get their target scores of Speaking 26 and Writing 24 for TOEFL iBT.

What tech do we use to study TOEFL iBT online

Welcome to ESA TV. My name is Jamie Miller, and the purpose of this video is to show you how I teach students using online technology and the offline technology, so that they get their target speaking scores of 26 and writing scores of 24 on the TOEFL iBT. My first preference is always if students can come to my office here in Sacramento, it’s much, much easier for us to meet face to face. I’m sure you can understand why. If you’re sitting right here across from me then we’re able to work in a really different kind of very efficient way. And it’s possible for me to present information to you and make sure that you’re recording and tracking all of that in your learning binder and in your flashcards and note cards and things like that in a systematic way.

But the majority of my students cannot study for TOEFL that way, and so I use certain types of technology like my whiteboard here. This is four simple pieces of information if I have just a quick note that I want to give to you or a quick thing that I might explain, I’ll use that. But it’s not my preference for most things because a lot of the information that I share for TOEFL iBT is actually a little more complicated than easily goes on a whiteboard.

So I’ll show you another device that I use, it’s called a dock cam in a moment, I’ll show you that on my desk, and in order to meet with you and online lessons, we use a video conferencing program called Zoom. Zoom is a program you can download to your computer; it works on Mac and on PC. And from anywhere in the world you can log in and get it set up, so that we can talk to each other. Let me show you how that works right now.

So when you study with me in online lessons, what happens is we meet in a platform called Zoom. Zoom is a video conference program, and on your computer there is a program that you can download and install which opens up and it activates your webcam so that we can see each other, and it uses your microphone so that we can talk to each other. So I’ve got my webcam up there, my microphone’s down here, and this is the way that I look when my students meet with me. Basically I talk just like this, and this is how I lead TOEFL Lessons to help you get your speaking and writing scores.

I also use another piece of technology, it’s called a dock cam, and over here you can see it. It’s this cool thing right here. It’s basically another web cam that points down at the desktop. And if I activate it and make this full screen, that way you can see whatever I’ve written. So this allows me to write like in real time with you, I can show you more complicated presentations of different types of information, I can write it, you can copy it, and then you see all that happening in real time.

And that’s another very important thing, because my students don’t just have like digital files, it’s also really, really important that everything that you’ve got is being recorded in a notebook and I’ll help you make sure that it’s all organized right with different kinds of presentations and things. These are just some examples of like what some of my students will create from having lessons with me. But all of that is shown like I show you how to write it, I show you how to organize it, and make sure that you’re taking the right sorts of notes.

So when you study with me in online lessons, you’re learning in a way that’s very interactive. In my classes you will not just sit and watch a video of me, you’re going to be taking notes in a particular way, writing things down in a certain way. Or if we’re working on your vocabulary or certain phrases that you’ve had issues with, you’ll be creating flashcards that go into the ESA learning kit memory pouches.

And so it’s a really important thing to like activate note taking in a particular way. You probably know from classes that you already took that when you write things down, and especially if you keep it organized in a particular way, it helps you learn and it helps you learn a lot faster. And it’s also very important to do that because people in your situation may start studying TOEFL, and then a few weeks or a couple months later something really important could happen – you may need to move, you may have to travel, you may have to do all kinds of things. And in that situation where if your family comes to visit you or you’ve got a work or travel or do something unexpectedly, keeping all of your notes organized for studying TOEFL iBT is so important, because that’s actually part of what saves time later, so that you don’t waste time studying the wrong things or having to go back and do it all over again.

I hope that you’ll find out more about studying with me for the 12 essentials, that’s the foundation classes that I teach for getting speaking scores of 26 and writing scores of 24. If you visit my website englishsuccessacademy.com, you can click right there on classes and find out more about it. And I hope to meet you soon.

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