The “Feedback” Problem with TOEFL iBT: None or Too Much

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Hello there. This is Jamie Miller with English Success Academy, and I wanted to record a quick video.

It’s Friday evening and I’ve just had a super busy week teaching students for my 12 Topics Classes and a bunch of private lessons.

And I wanted to share something with you that came up in those classes. And it’s the problem of students getting feedback.

Too much feedback or not enough feedback. And I drew a little diagram, actually wanted to share it with you over here…

Um, and we’re gonna call this the feedback spectrum and your TOEFL iBT score.

So before students start studying with me for the ESA Method to get their speaking scores of 26, most of them are on this side of the feedback spectrum where they’re getting no feedback from a teacher or anybody in their life about grammar, mistakes, vocabulary, or pronunciation errors.

And when you’re not getting any feedback about what grammar mistakes you’re making, what vocabulary you need to learn, what things your accent is confusing about.

This is one of the things that can hold you back with your speaking score because you’re making mistakes,

But you don’t know that you’re making them, so you have to figure out what they are. But on the other side of the spectrum, we also have another problem.

It’s equally frustrating for people. It’s when they’re getting too much feedback. And this can happen when family members or co-workers or kids, your children.

Sometimes it’s children who may know English better than you do when they’re giving you corrections about how to fix your grammar, your vocabulary or whatever.

But the problem in this situation is that they are telling you information when you’re not really ready to learn.

And so when I teach students and help them, like change their speaking scores on TOEFL or they’re writing scores, what we’re fighting is something in the middle.

We need, like a balanced situation when you’re getting the right amount of feedback.

The right amount of feedback is when you’re focused, you can think you’re able to actually learn the information that is being given in feedback without feeling like completely overwhelmed by the amount of information.

So I just want to put this out there. It’s not great if you’re on either end of the spectrum and what I try to help my students do in lessons is

We give a balanced amount of feedback and when we give feedback for grammar or vocabulary or accent errors, we’re giving you feedback in a way that you can actually learn and then change your habits around that thing.

So if you feel like you need some help studying for TOEFL iBT, come and find my website. I teach online TOEFL iBT classes.

Or if you’re here in Sacramento, California, so lucky for you, because I’m right here. You can come study with me in person.

My website’s and I hope that you’ll come and tell us about yourself so that we can do a free consultation and talk about your problem with TOEFL iBT and how we can fix it so that you can move forward with your life and your career.

See you later!