Video: Tips for the TOEFL Test Day

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You’ve worked so hard and you are ready to do your best. To help you feel more confident, our TOEFL iBT teacher Matt Radley has put together a list of some practical things you should do the night before and morning of the exam.

Wondering how to plan for your TOEFL test day? What should you carry with you? Watch this video to find out:

Few weeks ago, my student Maria was getting ready to take the TOEFL. She had studied for eight long weeks doing all the homework and assignments that I gave her. But as the exam got closer, I realized that she had not thought of some of the more practical parts of taking the TOEFL.

My name is Matt Radley, and I’m a TOEFL IBT teacher, and I wanted to make this video to give you some tips about things to think about before you take the exam.

So, after our last class Maria and I had a conversation. We decided we should make a checklist about things to do the night before the exam and the morning of the exam.

First, we discussed how far the exam center was from her home and how long it would take her to drive there. So, we agreed that she should call a taxi the night before to set up a pickup time. But if you’re going to drive, think about how far it is for you to drive there and also the parking situation. We also decided to make a checklist of some things to do the morning of the exam.

• Wear comfortable clothes, definitely, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Wear your nighttime bunny slippers if that’s what you’re most comfortable.
• Also, it’s important to eat something before the exam. Even if you’re not a breakfast person, your body needs a little bit of fuel to take you through that four-hour track.
• Also, bring a bottle of water and a snack for that 10-minute break time in case your body needs a little extra something.
• Make sure you have your identification card, bring your passport as a backup ID in case you need it.
• Be sure to bring a pencil.

These are all little things, but you don’t want any more stress than you already have the day of the exam.

If you’re thinking about taking the TOEFL and you need a tutor, please go to and you can contact me or find another one of our great teachers.

By the way Maria got her target score of 93 to get into Notre Dame University.