Video: The Core Components that Make your Speech Sound More Natural

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A high TOEFL speaking score means that you sound almost like a native speaker, your accent is clear, and your speech is smooth and flowing. In this video, our teacher Sherlen Tanner explains some of the key elements needed to make your accent sound more natural. You’ll learn about the most common speaking mistakes TOEFL students make and the ways …

Video: How to Sound like a Native Speaker

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Your word choice matters. Did you know that using overly complex vocabulary to express your ideas in speaking tasks 1 and 2 may actually decrease your TOEFL score? To receive a high score for the TOEFL Independent Speaking tasks 1 and 2, your responses should sound natural and spontaneous. However, many students have a hard time speaking naturally in a …

We’re digitizing Delta’s TOEFL iBT best selling course

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Instant access to Delta’s Key to the TOEFL iBT for students and teachers, from anywhere in the world and on any device. Click to download the Press Release We’re excited to announce that English Success Academy has licensed the rights to digitize and distribute one of the most popular books that is published by Delta Publishing Company, Nancy Gallagher’s Delta’s …

How to Teach Exams training

How much training should a TOEFL teacher have?

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Do you know that we have been developing our own teacher training program since mid-2014 and all teachers who we recommend are officially certified as ESL Exam Prep Coaches? In other words, they have successfully completed the 90-hour training program How to Teach Exams led by Jaime Miller and follow the exam-teaching methodology that gets results. If you’re curious to learn more …

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The Process to Erase Old Errors

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Do you know what a “fossilized” language error is? A fossil is an ancient organism that has been preserved in the earth’s crust. It sounds like a TOEFL lecture topic, right? ? In other words, if something is fossilized, it is very old and incapable of change. English teachers sometimes say that students’ errors with pronunciation, grammar or vocabulary become …

Would our 2016 plan help you finish TOEFL faster?

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Below is a special message from Jaime Miller, director of ESA. She’s the creator of Advanced Speaking Guide for Scores of 26+, Right Notes and the 24+ Writing Tutorial. She’s taught hundreds of TOEFL iBT students from over 30 countries and more than 20 language groups. We’re in the final hours of 2015! This time of year always makes me …

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“How to Teach Exams” program is released

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On August 25, 2015, Jaime officially launched “How to Teach Exams” as a group program. Helping ambitious exams teachers connect with each other, unleash their full potential and become as effective as possible is such an important task. A new generation of exams teachers will be supporting students on their way to success and we are glad to be part …