3-day TOEFL Camp with Jaime Miller:

The ESA Method

Get the foundation in Reading, Listening and Writing
that makes it much easier to get Speaking 26.

Sacramento, California ● June 25, 26, 27 ● 9 AM to 5 PM

Where is TOEFL Camp? When do you need to arrive by?

TOEFL Camp is held in Natomas, a northern suburb of Sacramento, California.

At the latest, you should arrive in Sacramento by 7:15 AM on Day 1. That will give you enough time to get your luggage and take a shuttle to TOEFL Camp.

If you stay at the recommended hotel (Staybridge Suites), then after you arrive, you don’t need a car.

In the morning and evening, you can walk from the hotel to TOEFL Camp. For dinner in the evenings, you can walk to many nearby restaurants.

Before you arrive, to prepare for TOEFL Camp, you will…

  • Connector.

    Have a Technology Orientation.

    Before you start, Jaime Miller will meet with you (via video conference) to help you set up your computer so that you’re ready to bring it to TOEFL Camp and start studying.

  • Connector.

    Do a "Score Analysis" practice test.

    In order for Jaime Miller to give you relevant, customized advice during TOEFL Camp, she needs to see your performance on Reading, Listening and Writing. You’ll take a complete practice test.

  • Connector.

    Pack all your TOEFL "stuff."

    Bring everything that you have been using to study for TOEFL iBT. This includes notebooks, flashcards, etc. Jaime Miller will take a look at all of it.

  • Connector.

    Tell your family, friends and boss to leave you alone.

    You’ll get more done in 3 days at TOEFL Camp than you could accomplish by yourself in the next 3 months. Prepare your family and friends by letting them know that you’ll be super focused and busy.

At TOEFL Camp, you will…

  • Connector.

    Meet Jaime Miller at breakfast.

    Before we officially start with the schedule, you and the other attendees (up to 6 students, total) will meet Jaime.

  • Connector.

    Get your own ESA Method "Learning Kit."

    You’ll get your own “Learning Kit” which physically organizes all of the information you need. After you have your Learning Kit, you can study productively at home, at work, or while you travel.

  • Connector.

    Study. Absorb. Practice.

    Jaime Miller will present (according to the schedule below) and you’ll have lots of chances to ask questions in a productive, comfortable environment.

  • Connector.

    Eat. Sleep.

    We’ll stop for the day at 5 PM. After that, you can recharge your batteries however you need to.

  • Connector.


    On Day 2 and 3, you return to TOEFL Camp for more. See the schedule below for more details.

The Schedule for TOEFL Camp

This is the plan. We start at 9 AM and finish at 12 PM. There’s a break for lunch.

Day 1: Reading and Listening

WHY: This is the foundation of an advanced Speaking score (26+). After your Reading and Listening scores are above 23, it is much easier to get the scores of Writing 24+ and Speaking 26+.

WHAT: During the day, there will be presentations and practice opportunities for these concepts:

  • Discover how to see the reasons that your R/L scores are low and stuck
  • Review your results of the Reading and Listening practice test
  • Learn Jaime Miller’s tips and strategies (and get worksheets you can take home)
  • Identify reputable sources of practice, and how to use them to see results
  • Understand how to learn (and organize) vocabulary… effectively

Day 2: Writing

WHY: Before you study for your target Speaking score of 26+, you should make sure that your grammar and vocabulary are strong. A writing score of 24+ gives you a solid foundation.

WHAT: During the day, there will be presentations and practice opportunities for these concepts:

  • Review your results of the Writing practice test.
  • Learn Jaime Miller’s latest tips and strategies for Writing scores of 24+ (the 24+ Writing Tutorial was published in 2013 and was updated in 2016).
  • Practice writing score-maximizing topic sentences for the Integrated and Independent essays.
  • Explore effective note-taking and brainstorming.

Day 3: Practice and Feedback

WHY: While you study, you probably have dozens of questions. By having access to Jaime Miller while you study, you can get answers to the most urgent questions that zap your confidence.

WHAT: It’s pretty simple. There will be lots of chances to do Reading, Listening and Writing practice. You can ask Jaime questions and discuss possible solutions.

Based on your needs, she will make recommendations to help you increase your scores in these areas.

There will be chances to:

  • Get help with note-taking strategies.
  • Learn complex vocabulary and grammar.
  • Get Jaime’s personalized advice for your situation with TOEFL iBT Reading, Listening and Writing.

What You Leave With

You’ll take home all of the following:

confidence, clarity and motivation

corrections for your biggest grammar and vocabulary mistakes in Writing

links to all the websites you need to score R23+ L23+ W24+

the ESA Method “Learning Kit” (valued at $100)

conversion charts for accurately calculating your TOEFL iBT Reading, Listening and Writing scores

worksheets that you can use as many times as you need them to identify your errors

tracking sheets that keep you focused on the right things when you study by yourself

an organization system for all that vocabulary

your copy of 24+ Writing Tutorial (valued at $47)

your copy of Delta’s Key (valued at $49)

your copy of Right Notes (valued at $67)

The Logistics

Drive or fly to Sacramento International Airport (SMF). Your flight should arrive by 7:15 AM at the latest on Day 1. On Day 3, we finish at 5 PM, so your departing flight should leave after 7:30 PM.

Take the free shuttle from the airport to the hotel. (Or take a taxi for about $15 if you stay somewhere else.)

Drop off your bags at the Staybridge Suites. Your reservation should be for 2 nights (Day 1 and Day 2).

Walk 2 minutes over to 180 Promenade Circle for TOEFL Camp.

Zoom out on the map below to see the airport in location to the site.

The Price for TOEFL Camp

If you studied these same concepts
with Jaime Miller in private lessons,
it would cost $2900 – $5000*

*Depending on your payment plan.

TOEFL Camp with Jaime Miller is
1 payment of $1200
or 2 payments of $700*

*TOEFL Camp is limited to the first 6 students to register. Your tuition must be fully paid 15 days before TOEFL Camp or your seat will be given to a student on the Waiting List.

Included free with tuition, you get energizing breakfast, lunch, coffee, snacks and all program materials.

Your tuition does not include your flight, hotel or dinner.


Pay 1 installment of $1200
Pay 2 installments of $700

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