Self-Study for TOEFL iBT

Right Notes



We help you get better at note-taking, listening, speaking & writing in 21 days.

How does this program improve your English for TOEFL iBT?

  • It improves your ability to take notes by helping you develop a personal code and abbreviation system, and then giving you a lot of practice.
  • You get daily practice listening to topics that come up at TOEFL iBT’s listening and speaking section. Of the 21 days of topics, there are 17 academic lectures and 4 campus conversations.
  • Each day, you have a listening, speaking and writing activity — so if you need to improve your TOEFL listening, writing or speaking score (specifically for Task 4 or 6), then you will get 21 days of practice.

Right Notes helps students…

… who are motivated and want to save money by studying on their own.

… who have trouble listening to academic topics and taking notes.

… who need extra confidence to speak and write regularly about “tricky” academic topics.

What’s the best way to study with Right Notes?

  1. Create a regular study routine.
  2. Log into English Success Academy’s special website, the Online TOEFL Workshop. Watch the video on this page to see how to use it.
  3. Watch each day’s lesson, listen to audio files, and do speaking and writing practice. Then, compare your answers with the model answer from a real student who scored 27 on TOEFL speaking and 29 on TOEFL writing.

Program Details:

– Lifetime access to the Online TOEFL Workshop, where you can access…

  • 10 videos that teach concepts
  • over 25 audio files
  • the downloadable 24-page PDF workbook
  • 21 speaking and writing activities (over 40 total activities)

– We recommend you spend 45 to 90 minutes a day for each of the 21 days.
– For each day’s activity, you can see a sample answer that was done by a real TOEFL iBT student who got 27 on speaking.
– All audio files were recorded by native-speakers of English.

“On Day 1, I wrote about five words only. Right Notes made me aware of my note taking abilities, I now know how to take notes quickly and concentrate on important information of complex lectures. Jaime thank you so much!”Anonymous, Pharmacist
“I’m so happy and shocked! My first speaking score was 23 and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get the score that I wanted because I had no idea where to start and what to do to improve.
 My latest speaking score is 27! Right Notes helped me to address my weak points and to deal with them.”Heidi, a Filipino Nurse, also got Score Analysis & used Advanced Speaking Guide.