Step 1 of The ESA Method:
Get your “Score Analysis”
See why your TOEFL iBT score is stuck

“Before talking with Jaime I had taken TOEFL twice, and I had gotten 24 and 23 speaking scores. Since I wanted 26 score to be eligible to take Physical therapy license exam, I was in search of someone who can guide me as well as increase my confidence to take exam again. As there was no way I could find what went wrong in TOEFL test that I had taken; I wanted to know what are the drawbacks I had which hindered me from getting or improving my score to 26. I registered for Score Analysis. This helped me to understand the exact drawbacks I had that were preventing me to get my dream score. I followed her advice and that really worked well and finally I got 26 score in speaking. I really appreciate Jaime for her help and accurate guidance.”Supriya, Indian, Physical Therapist

The Problem

If you ever took a real TOEFL iBT test before, you know that after you leave the test center, you probably struggle to remember exactly what you spoke or wrote about in all 4 Speaking responses and both essays. It’s normal to forget what you said on Speaking and what you wrote on Writing!

Many students believe they did “fine” (or even “great” compared to previous attempts at the test). In reality, the majority of students unconsciously make lots of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and strategy mistakes in all 4 of the TOEFL iBT Speaking tasks and 2 essays on the Writing test.

To make matters worse, when you get your official TOEFL iBT score report, there are really no details that help you understand your score. It’s frustrating and confusing to see a number that is lower than Speaking 26 or Writing 24, isn’t it?

  • Are your note-taking habits supporting or limiting your performance on Speaking or Writing?
  • Which Speaking and Writing tasks are limiting your score the most?
  • What exactly should you study during all those hours you’re investing in TOEFL?
  • What kinds of grammar do you need to develop automatic accuracy for?
  • Do you need to re-learn any vocabulary phrases that you’re unknowingly making mistakes with?
  • What words are you mispronouncing?
  • What kinds of question types did you get wrong on your Reading or Listening tests?

The Score Analysis answers all these questions.

The Solution

You can do the Score Analysis process for any section of TOEFL iBT: Speaking, Writing, Reading and/or Listening.

With the Score Analysis, you can SEE your performance and get Jaime Miller’s expert feedback. She has accurate, up-to-date information about what kind of English scores 26+ on TOEFL Speaking and 24+ on TOEFL Writing.

On your Score Analysis document, Jaime Miller categorizes the types of mistakes you make. This way, you can see any grammar, vocabulary and major pronunciation errors that you made. In addition, she gives

The Score Analysis document is a way to identify trends of errors in your Speaking and Writing at TOEFL iBt. This way, you not only identify the errors themselves, but you also identify the high-frequency mistakes… The errors you make on every Speaking or Writing task and by extension, the mistakes you make on every test you take.

How many Score Analysis results documents do I need?

One Score Analysis is useful because it starts the process — but the vast majority of students actually need regular feedback.

When you join any of our major programs (TOEFL Camp, The 12 Essential Topic Classes, or S26 Accent Neutralization), we include multiple Score Analysis sessions for free in order to track and measure your progress over the months.

How fast can you get your Score Analysis results document?

Be prepared to wait up to 15 business days finish the following process.

  1. Pay for Score Analysis.
  2. Check your email for instructions about how to connect with The ESA Team. We work Monday through Friday in California (Pacific Standard Time).
  3. Schedule and have your Technology Orientation.
  4. Take the realistic practice test at a time that suits you. We’ll recommend taking it on a Saturday morning, but you have the ability to take it whenever is good for you.
  5. Share your Speaking and Writing results with Jaime Miller.
  6. Wait 3-8 business days for your Score Analysis results document.
  7. Read the Score Analysis document carefully. Write down all of your questions and email them to Jaime.
  8. Read Jaime’s follow-up email that answers your questions. Ask any other follow-up questions that you have to clarify whatever is still confusing.
  9. Schedule your 60-minute conversation with Jaime to discuss anything that is still confusing you and your “action plan” for continuing to study.

“I studied for TOEFL for 4 years. Before I got a Score Analysis with Jaime, I took TOEFL 6 times. My highest speaking score was always 23. My deadline for getting my TOEFL scores was coming and I was desperate. I needed help to understand how to improve my speaking score. After talking with Jaime, I learned what I had to do to increase my speaking score. I did NOT take private lessons with her but I followed Jaime’s advice completely (because if you don’t believe, it won’t happen!). Four weeks later, I took TOEFL 3 more times. (I had a deadline so I took the test 3 times one after another because I couldn’t afford to wait for the results to come out after each test.) I got 26, 27 and 27 on speaking – so I know that my success was not a fluke. Was it worth the money? Absolutely! Now I’m done with TOEFL and I celebrated with my family.”Kishore, a health-care professional from India

Score Analysis is a smart choice if you…

… are tired of spending $205 to receive nothing but a TOEFL iBT exam report that doesn’t identify or explain what of your errors are.

… feel confused and frustrated about how to get a higher TOEFL iBT Speaking and/or Writing score.

… must get Speaking 26+ or Writing 24+ in order to move forward with your life and career.

Cost & Pricing


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Refund / Cancellation

It may take up to 15 business days to receive your Score Analysis document and finish your email conversation and meeting with Jaime Miller.

In order to receive a pro-rated refund, you must submit your cancellation request before we begin working on your Score Analysis results document.

“I’ve taken TOEFL 3 times so far. With the TOEFL score, I’m always lost where I need to improve. ETS’s official score report doesn’t give clear directions on where to improve on. With Jaime’s Score Analysis, I got a very clear knowlege on where I need to improve on (as compared to toefl score), and I was given techniques and suggestions on how to reach my target score (unlike TOEFL — they never gave a clear suggestion to us). I now know where I need to start and go from there. I have a clear direction on what to do next.”J. C., a Filippino occupational therapist