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English Success Academy’s

“How to Teach Exams” Course

It’s hard for you to know if your tutor knows how to teach exams like TOEFL iBT or IELTS. The purpose of this page is to help you assess the qualifications of the tutor who you are considering studying with.

You may be surprised to discover this, but the industry for English as a Second Language (ESL) is highly unregulated. In the area of preparation for exams like TOEFL iBT and IELTS, there is even less regulation and quality control.

Anyone can say they are a “TOEFL teacher” or an “IELTS teacher.” Unfortunately, at schools from America to Taiwan, it is common for schools to hire teachers who have 0 hours of training for ESL exam preparation. A teacher’s bravery is often the main qualification in getting a job teaching ESL exams.


Comparing Tutors’ Options for Getting Experience

Only very dedicated teachers choose to enroll in organized training programs. Here are some of the available training programs.

Amount of Training Organization & Training Name
4 hours ETS’s “Propell Teacher Workshop for TOEFL iBT”
20 hours Canadian College’s “Teaching TOEFL Preparation Certificate”
40 hours Oxford Seminars’ “Teaching TOEFL Specialization Module”
90 hours English Success Academy & Jaime Miller’s Course “How to Teach Exams”

As you can see in the chart above, there is a lot of variation in the depth of training that is offered for ESL exam preparation.

People Who Enrolled in English Success Academy’s Course

If your tutor says they took ESA’s course, “How to Teach Exams,” then their name should be in the list below.

  • Amber Heyer-Rasmussen
  • Amy Jones
  • Andrew Kean
  • Benjamin Tall
  • Cassell Gross
  • Cybele Wu
  • David Pattinson
  • Ebba-Marie Gendron
  • Gregory Quinlivan
  • Hanna Anttila
  • Hope Unverzagt
  • Jane Birkenhead
  • Jenica Epp
  • Jennifer DeLapp
  • Julie Reynolds
  • Kate Gregorio
  • Kate Nixon
  • Kathryn O’Riordan
  • Laura Woods
  • Louise Borden
  • Luciana Alonzeau
  • Marcia de Souza Lino
  • Mathew Radley
  • Michaela Anborgh
  • Monica Veado
  • Monty Deines
  • Paige Keane
  • Peggy Khoury
  • Pooria Samarbafzadeh
  • Sally Gordon
  • Sierra Yohalem
  • Tanya Brown
  • Taylor Frizzell
  • Veronica Jane
  • Woodrow Woodbridge

Notice: Being listed above is not an endorsement or recommendation. Tutors use their own strategies, and these may or may not include concepts that were recommended in the “How to Teach Exams” course. English Success Academy and Jaime Miller cannot and does not guarantee students’ exam results.

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