How important is grammar on TOEFL?

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If you need a higher TOEFL score, you probably need to improve your grammar. Watch Jaime to explain how grammar is scored on TOEFL.

Welcome back. In my fourth video, I’m discussing grammar and TOEFL. Students often ask me if there is a grammar section on the TOEFL exam.

If you take the TOEFL PBT version then yes, there is a section called “Structure and Written Expression.” But if you take the TOEFL ibt it’s a little bit different. There is not a separate section for grammar on iBT—HOWEVER, grammar is still tested in all four sections of the exam.

Here’s how and why ETS tests grammar on TOEFL iBT: You need to be able to understand the reading and listening passages. The grammar can be advanced and you must be able to understand it quickly. Also, on the speaking and writing sections of the exam, if you speak and write with good grammar you will get a higher TOEFL score. The people who grade your exam notice the kinds of grammar that you use—and if you use it correctly or incorrectly. So, in general a good understanding of grammar will help you to get a higher score on all areas of the test.

Before you start studying for the TOEFL exam, you want to review your grammar level. If your grammar is at an Intermediate level, you will probably have some trouble understanding the TOEFL exam. But don’t worry—even my strong TOEFL students with advanced grammar need a little bit of review. It’s normal to have some grammar problems. So, before you even start studying for TOEFL, you need to find out [learn] what your grammar level is. Grammar is the first thing to improve before you start studying for the actual exam.

There are a few different ways to improve your grammar. You can get an advanced grammar book and study by yourself; you can go to an English course; or you can study with me online. I have a special grammar test that quickly identifies what your grammar problems are, and then we work together in private online classes, so that you can speak and write using this more difficult grammar. When you can correctly use difficult grammar, you and I both know—and the person who’s listening to you on the TOEFL exam also knows—that you understand complicated grammar. And that will increase your TOEFL score.

So that’s it for this video. Short and sweet! I’ll see you in number five.