Would our 2016 plan help you finish TOEFL faster?

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Below is a special message from Jaime Miller, director of ESA. She’s the creator of Advanced Speaking Guide for Scores of 26+, Right Notes and the 24+ Writing Tutorial. She’s taught hundreds of TOEFL iBT students from over 30 countries and more than 20 language groups.

We’re in the final hours of 2015! This time of year always makes me nostalgic and excited.

If you are far from your family now, I know how you feel. After I got my teaching certificate, I lived in Turkey from 2008 to 2014. There were some years when I wasn’t able to go back to California for the holidays.

However, one tradition that I have always had complete control over is reflecting on the previous year, month by month, and setting some big goals to shape the future. It always made me feel optimistic.

For a long time, my measure of success has been my TOEFL iBT students. How many phone calls or emails did I get that said, “I got my TOEFL score!”? How many students were accepted to their dream universities? How many pharmacists and physical therapists regained the sense of pride that comes from working in a job they love and providing for their family? How much better was I at teaching TOEFL iBT online?

Being part of students’ lives, overcoming the challenges, hearing their success stories — that is what keeps me going. Realistically, though, there’s a limit to how many students I can teach.

That’s why I need a new plan and a new way to measure success…

In fact, students like you have inspired me to spend the last two years creating something most other teachers think is totally crazy and impossible. 🙂 Can I tell you about it? This is what I want your opinion about… After you read, please leave a supportive comment below.

The New Project: Training Teachers to Guide Students Like You

Basically, I have created a training program that is just for English teachers to teach TOEFL iBT. It’s called “How to Teach Exams.” It’s a 16-week training that shows teachers exactly what I do with students in private lessons for speaking and writing. In other words, I’ve systematized and organized all my lesson plans and activities, and I put them in a training program for teachers. Plus, the teachers have endless (no joke! ENDLESS) chances to ask any questions they have.

My goal for 2016 is to improve your (and your friends’) access to high-quality lessons for TOEFL iBT. That means I don’t keep secrets or hide my most effective techniques from teachers who are in this training. I promise to share what I know about finding the true cause of low scores.

Other Topics Teachers Get Help With:

  • conducting a Score Analysis
  • how to teach reading, listening, writing and speaking to raise scores
  • lesson sequences that improve scores (without overwhelming students)
  • how to fix old, “fossilized” mistakes
  • teaching pronunciation and intonation
  • dealing with bad news and finding solutions (even when everyone feels frustrated)

Teaching TOEFL iBT is not a hobby. It’s my full-time job. This training is not an experiment. I’ve been teaching since 2008. I’ve been a TOEFL teacher since 2010. I have created 3 separate programs for studying TOEFL iBT. Plus, in 2015, 8 teachers have already done “How to Teach Exams.” When teachers are dedicated and follow my recommendations (and when students keep studying), they get results. Those teachers are starting to collect their own success stories.

How will this help you?

Please answer one (or all!) of the following questions in a comment below:

  • How many different teachers or schools have you studied with to improve your TOEFL iBT score?
  • What factors influence your trust of a TOEFL teacher or school?
  • What is your biggest challenge about taking lessons for TOEFL iBT?

By writing a comment below and sharing your story, you inspire English teachers to get trained to help you.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Jaime and The ESA Team