Writing Tip: Avoid this unprofessional “mistake” at TOEFL and work

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I just saw an article that gives us some information about how you can get a higher TOEFL iBT Writing score, and make your emails for work look more professional.

The article was published by the online news source, The Verge.

Basically, Microsoft updated the way its program, Microsoft Word notices a particular type of error. For decades, people have argued about how many spaces should be after a period, before the capital letter on a first word.

Should it be one space like the top example… or two spaces like the bottom example?

  • This is an example. Here’s the next sentence.
  • This is an example.  Here’s the next sentence.

Can you see the difference in the size of the space between sentences? There has been a lot of debate about if it should be one space or two. It’s silly, but hey, lots of arguments are.

Well, Microsoft officially decided for us by choosing one space. I am not sure if we will see Google Docs update their software to notice this mistake. You should update your brain with this information because the TOEFL iBT’s computer doesn’t help you notice any spacing mistakes.

Also, while we’re on the topic of spacing… It is definitely wrong to add double spaces between words in a sentence. Here’s an example:

  • ❌  animals  between
  • ✅  animals between

It takes practice to notice that small difference in spacing, but you should develop the ability! As a result, your writing will look a lot more professional. That will help your TOEFL iBT Writing score… and anything that you write for your career.

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