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Awesome teachers guided me and helped me to get in the right direction. With their detailed explanations I was able to eliminate my mistakes and overcome my stress. I highly appreciate their deep understanding, attention and high knowledge. Without their help I could never pass the test and kill the TOEFL beast! This is a new day and a new beginning!Caroline, Iran, Pharmacist (scored S27, W27)
I’m grateful for ESA team’s support. At the beginning, I was a little insecure about my speaking and writing, but we worked on them, and now I am better than ever. Every lesson was thought to fit my needs, and that made all the difference for my progress. It was a fantastic experience.Wilson, Brazil, Cardiac Surgeon (scored S26, W25)

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Right Notes improves your…

  • note-taking with abbreviations and symbols
  • listening
  • speaking (primarily for tasks 4 and 6)
  • writing (integrated)
  • vocabulary / use of phrases
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Advanced Speaking Guide improves your…

  • speaking (for all 6 tasks)
  • understanding of score-limiting mistakes
  • motivation
  • pronunciation
  • note-taking
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24+ Writing improves your…

  • understanding of score-limiting mistakes
  • brainstorming
  • organization
  • vocabulary / use of phrases
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Delta’s Key improves your…

  • stamina and energy levels
  • reading strategies
  • listening strategies
  • TOEFL iBT vocabulary (especially for higher scores on Speaking, Task 3-6)
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