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Your teaching makes me relax. In Right Notes, I listened to the student’s example answers a lot because I knew she got 27. After studying with your programs, I increased my listening score from 23 to 29, speaking score 18 to 23, writing score 25 to 28! Thank you so much!Hyuck, South Korea, MA in TESOL
When I purchased Jaime’s Advanced Speaking Guide I swore I’d follow every advice. The 5 Keys are the most helpful. I practiced and practiced until thoughts flew out of my mouth. From 18 I turned my score to 28. I was exact on every time-limit on every speaking question, I really have to thank the videos on the site for that.Juan C., Licensed Nurse

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Right Notes improves your…

  • note-taking with abbreviations and symbols
  • listening
  • speaking (primarily for tasks 4 and 6)
  • writing (integrated)
  • vocabulary / use of phrases
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Advanced Speaking Guide improves your…

  • speaking (for all 6 tasks)
  • understanding of score-limiting mistakes
  • motivation
  • pronunciation
  • note-taking
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24+ Writing improves your…

  • note-taking with abbreviations and symbols
  • understanding of score-limiting mistakes
  • brainstorming
  • organization
  • vocabulary / use of phrases
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Score Analysis + Lessons…

  • target your weaknesses in any or every section
  • improve those weaknesses with live Skype lessons
  • provide you with focused homework activities
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